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It really been a fantastic adventure playing this game. Very relaxing

I found some glitches while playing thought you might want to know.


This was a pretty fun game, to bad it was short though.

Here's a video I made on it.

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I just recently downloaded this game and I really really want to play it, there's so many good reviews! However I can't seem it.

It will only load when I have it at high settings, and if I press "new game" it pauses up and doesn't play. I've tried just about everything from moving the files from one disk to another, trying compatibility mode, running as admin, and even redownloading. Nothing appears to get this game to run.

Is there anything I can do to get it working?

EDIT: I've tried lowering the resolution (my screen is humongous) and while it helps with the frames on the menu screen, the game still does not run when I press "new game".

Dear Roarar,

The game needs rather high specs to run and is sadly not optimized for weaker graphic cards. Please see recommended minimum system requirements for further information. We are very sorry if you are thus unable to play the game.

Best wishes,



Thanks for the awesome game! Reminded me of Princess Mononoke and Okami a bit. Two things I love dearly.


Beautiful Game. Love the graphics. Did get lost a couple times, though.

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Hi everyone! Here's my let's play of this stunning game, hope you like it!
My YouTube channel is growing pretty fast now, so it would be great to get you on board too! Subscribe for daily let's play videos (indie games and big titles). I'd love to connect with you guys! Hope you'll drop me a comments and a like and I'll be looking forward to checking out your channels and messages!


For those of you using the x360ce program and the Mayflash GameCube controller adapter who are having trouble getting the game to pick up the controller:

1. Configure x360ce with the adapter in PC mode (the switch on the side of the adapter), then close the editor.

2. Start NIVA with the adapter still in PC mode.

3. While in the menu, switch the adapter to WiiU mode and wait until you hear Windows recognize the controller, then switch back to PC mode. You may need to reconfigure the "A" button in the editor and redo the process, however.

I also checked the boxes in the images in the third comment down here: (the comment by tom2ross) . If the steps I outlined don't work, try checking the boxes shown in the photos, then hit "Apply/Synchronize Settings"; ignore any errors.

Also, if you're not using the Mayflash adapter, but your adapter has a way to switch between two modes, try that, too.

These are the steps I used to get it working. I hope this helps someone!

Thanks for your tutorial on how to use an alternative controller, using a GameCube controller to play NIVA sounds awesome!


I loved the game, had a ton of fun playing it and I'll definitely be going back to it some point soon to just chill out and explore!


Well that was a nice little romp in the woods. A bit disorienting at times and I'm not sure I saw all of it, but enjoyable nonetheless.


Playing this game was an experience, which I will not forget for a long time. Despite it not giving a simple instruction besides the two actions, you can really immerse yourselve in the beautiful world and listen to the relaxing music. The ending is exceptionally well done, but I will not spoil it here. All in all I can only recommend this FREE! game for you to play and enjoy. Thanks to the developers for this great experience!

Thanks for your kind words! :) We feel really encouraged by your review and we're happy you had a good time playing NIVA!

How do I unzip it?

Hi SilverAlphaWolf,
to find out how to unzip files, please have a look at this article:


Beautiful. Pretty taxing after a while but lovely all the same.

when will next update/version come out?

I played this game a while back! Loved being the FOREST GOD! got lost, but still lots of fun!


This game is magic, it's so stunning! It has so much potential and it's amazingly relaxing when you play it!
Thanks for developing this amazing game! To all nature-lovers out there, get this game and support the developers!

I had a go in my let's play video above here! Hope you enjoy it. Leave a comment if you have any suggestions or games I should play. And subscribe for daily indie game let's play videos!
Thenkshooo! (~ ̄³ ̄)~


This game is absolutely beautiful! The artisitic style is what first attracted me to it. And then once I realized I could play like I was the Forest Spirit from Princess Mononoke, I was sold! Thank you for making this game, and I sincerely hope that you make more like it. I hope you enjoy my playthrough that I uploaded as well.


What a beautiful and beautifully made game. I admit I did have to resort to a youtube vid to help me at one point as I could not for the life of me figure out what I was doing but that entire game was so worth it. I can't believe something so detailed and amazingly put together was free! Thankyou, and well done indeed, I loved playing this.


Ounce you go into the world of Niva, you feel like it's hard to get back out of this wonderful but colorful place. The game really has brought my curiosity to explore every new area while also the music is so calming and relaxing which made it such a nice environment to play. A few glitches here and there but it's a over all really cool game, and maybe if it had an option to interact with some of the creatures in the game which can make it even more fun for small mini side game stuff.


Ganz wunderbar <3 Die Steuerung ist zwar etwas ungenau beim Springen (Gamepad), und manchmal steckt man in den Meshes, aber das sind nur kleine Wehwehchen, die man locker wegstecken kann. Die Schönheit der Welt und des Gameplays überwiegt :D


Herzlichen Dank fürs Spielen und für das nette Feedback! :)


A beautiful world, love the creatures and the plants. Just had to much difficulty with the camera and getting stuck. Has potential.





I must admit this was an amazing game!!! very beautiful and elegant in its own way. I'm happy I played it :)


A very beautiful and calming game. The puzzles wern't too hard nor too easy. I really enjoyed playing this :)

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Absolute lovely game! A few issues with the controls and some tweaks could be made to the gameplay, but overall, it was an absolute pleasure to play and you have my thanks. Good luck with this game and any others you work on down the road. I look forward to seeing them!

I Really Wanna Play But It Wont Download For Me

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What's the problem? Did you download it from here, the site or with the client?

ME TO i tried like 5 times


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I must admit, It was really really REALLY hard for me to click the exit button once i finished the game for the first time. It still is to and i've now played it multible times.

I must ask HOW? how is it possible for somone to create such a beautiful game and then acually be ok With giving it out for free. If i could i'd send a 50 dollar donation at the minimum


Thank you very much for your nice comment, we really appreciate it!

Although some people encouraged us to offer NIVA for a small amount of money, we decided against it, not only because the game still has some teething problems and we didn't have the time to fix them within the scope of a student project, but also because we felt like offering our game for free matched our vision of the game very well. So we hope in this way we can enable as many people as possible to find a source for peace and relaxation within NIVA.


It doesn't pick up my controller, even after I used Xoutput to emulate the 360 controller from my controller. Also the camera seemed to not able to change in height on the mouse after a while. Other than that, it's a really great game and really pretty! I like exploration and that it can be done at my own pace.

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I did some video footage on my Twitch channel. You guys can check it out through this link: NIVA 11min Preview 2016 12 15


Loveing this, very well made. Great work!

I don't know what to feel about this game; I like it a lot, but I feel like it not done yet. First off I would like a story or something that tells me who I am what I am why I'm there and what I have to do. Also, this is a game for the use of a controller you can use a mouse and keyboard, but it doesn't work so well. The info about how to do stuff is showing with a controller, and I feel like it would keep a lot of people away from this game. And sometimes I fall over som glitch like I was falling through the ground, so I was under the ground.


wow just wow, very refressing feel.


The beauty and art in this game is incredibly astonishing!! I cannot praise this enough!!! So beautiful!


Stunning environments and a nice relaxing vibe. I covered this as part of my weekly Indie Freebies piece for Gaming Respawn:


Thank you for this well summarized and nicely written article, we're flattered!


Wirklich schönes Spiel :)

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