A gift from the creators of NIVA & new project announcement!

Hi, it’s been a while!

You might still remember NIVA, our game about playing a gracious forest god.

We’re very glad to tell you that all your support and positive feedback on NIVA motivated us so much that we (about half of former team NIVA) started our own company and here we are developing our first game as a real company: Weaving Tides!

Since you were the first ones to support us during our initial baby steps we have a special gift for you:
 A free version of the Weaving Tides Playgrounds which we are giving out exclusively to our community members!

„But what is this?“ you ask.
Weaving Tides Playgrounds lets you ride on the back of your magical carpet dragon and use his ribbon tail to create beautiful digital embroideries. Check out the link below for more information!

Claim this gift here: http://bit.ly/WeavingTidesPlaygroundsDemo
Password: WTCommunityGift2019

We are also hard at work on the much larger adventure mode of Weaving Tides which will include a charming story, Zelda-like puzzles and dungeons as well as a lot of other exciting features. Since you enjoyed the serene and beautiful forest in NIVA, we hope you will feel right at home in the cozy and warm textile world of Weaving Tides. Don't miss any important news by following us on social media, or joining our super lovely Discord community!

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With that we wish you a very Merry Christmas, peaceful holidays and a happy new year!

'til next time!

The Feathers <3


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I loved the graphics of NIVA and my daughter loved making the forest god run around. Good luck guys! I'm gonna check out the Weaving Tides :D